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Produce Best Sugar Qualities with the PALLMANN Sugar Grinding Systems, Type PXZU and PST



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Pulverizing of Cacao

PALLMANN manufactures systems for the pulverizing of Cacao press cakes as well as systems for the preparation of chocolate candy and powders drinks.  Due to the high fat content, moisture, and heat sensitiveness special mills and systems are required to reach product fineness while conserving optimum product quality.

Turbo Mills, type PP and Contra-Selector mills are specifically designed to process heat sensitive, fatty and oily products in wet and dry condition. Air chilled PX Universal Mill Systems are also utilized in the production of chocolate powders.

For pulverization of cocoa nibs, depending on the fat content, the required fineness and the type of the desired end product, different fine grinding systems are used. A slightly de-oiled, dark cocoa powder for drink production with
a remaining fat content of at least 20% is produced by means of counter-rotating pin mills with a wide grinding chamber housing or with Contra-Selector Mills. For a heavily de-oiled cocoa powder with less than 20%, however with a minimum of 10% remaining fat content, which is used i.e. for cooking purposes such as cakes, puddings etc., Turbo Mills, type REF are used. The systems used are as varied as different tastes, i.e. Contra-Selector Mills, Universal Mills with turbo rotors, Hammer Mills and Sifter Mills.

PP Turbo Mill Contra-Selector Mill, type PPS PX Universal Mill

Pulverizing of Sugar

Sugar powder, produced from crystal sugar, is used in bakeries and pastry shops as well as in other fields of the confectionery and foodstuff industry.

The goal of the pulverizing process is to achieve an excellent end product with a low percentage of inverts, good color value as well as excellent flowability. The PALLMANN Sugar Pulverizing Systems type PXZU and PST were designed taking into account operator-friendliness, compact design and fully automatic operation.

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