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Pulverizing Systems

Compounders produce granules that consist of mixture of various plastic and rubber types as well as other additives. The starting material is present in granule form and must be pulverized in order to increase the surface area of the base material so that the additives, in form of pigments, UV stabilizers, softeners and other materials, adhere well to it.  After compounding, granules are present in many colors and must be partially pulverized  again before further processing.

PALLMANN has developed a very compact pulverization system, the PolyGrinder, type PM, in various sizes for these applications.  The throughput rates vary between 5 and 1500 kg/h.

The system consists of only a few components that can be easily disassembled for quick cleaning.  The mill is manufactured in a special process without any welding seams in order to achieve smooth surfaces.  Cyclone, piping and ventilator are connected with snap buckles so that the parts in contact with the powder can be quickly disassembled.  This is very important for the preparation of the system when changing colors.

Well known compounding companies worldwide work with these proven products from PALLMANN and produce granules and powders of highest quality for demanding applications in the injection molding, extrusion and rotational molding fields.

The ORIGINAL PALLMANN Pulverizing System, type PKM is employed for the pulverizing of virgin granules and compounds for the production of masterbatches. Heat sensitive materials such as PS, PC, PA and other thermoplastics can be processed at ambient temperature.



Agglomeration of Thermoplastic Waste

The Plast-Agglomerator type PFV is a compact, fully automatic, and a proven continuous system that converts light bulk density thermoplastic waste,  into high quality, free flowing granules, which are later used as valuable raw material in further processes.

The PALLMANN Agglomeration process offers the unique advantage of material gentle agglomeration with minimum heat and minimum thermo-degradable damage; the material is heated up with friction heat only and is agglomerated, within a fraction of a second, right below the melting point. 


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