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Preparation of Fatty and Oily Products

Optimum taste, aroma, color and fineness through professional preparation


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Preparation Systems for Fatty and Oily Products

Taste, smell, color and fineness of foodstuff- and luxury food products, especially from cocoa beans, depend, besides the quality of the raw material, mainly on the professional preparation, the coordination of the machines and systems as well as on the experience of the production personnel. The size reduction- and sifting machines used in these preparation steps hereby influence the product quality in a decisive manner.

For pulverization of cocoa nibs, depending on the fat content, the required fineness and the type of the desired end product, different fine grinding systems are used. A slightly de-oiled, dark cocoa powder for drink production with a remaining fat content of at least 20% is produced by means of counter-rotating pin mills with a wide grinding chamber housing or with Contra-Selector Mills.

For a heavily de-oiled cocoa powder with less than 20%, however with a minimum of 10% remaining fat content, which is used i.e. for cooking purposes such as cakes, puddings etc., Turbo Mills, type REF are used. The systems used are as varied as different tastes, i.e. Contra-Selector Mills, Universal Mills with turbo rotors, Hammer Mills and Sifter Mills. 

Cool air and the right temperature in a downstream cooling area are essential factors for the dark color and color fastness of the cocoa powder as well as a prerequisite for downstream air classifying. The preparation of fatty, oily and sticky products is best left to the experts. Increasing demands in product quality and in the economical use of the system require constant improvement and development of process technology.

Fine Grinding of Fatty and Oily Products

In the feedstuff industry, parts of animals, which are not suitable for human consumption, are further processed into animal flour. Animal flour is enriched with valuable proteins and is used as additives for animal feedings or as fertilizer.

The high fat content leads to screen blockages in common mills. PALLMANN solves this problem with the Original Contra-Selector Mill™.

A significant characteristic of the Contra-Selector Mill™ is the screen basket counter-rotating to the impeller. Due to the high revolution of the screen basket, the screen remains clear. Due to the additional scrapers at the exterior of the rotating screen basket, material sticking to the interior of the housing is minimized.

The advantage resulting thereof is a continuous method of operation and thereby minimized operating costs.


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