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Recycling of Film Waste

Film recycling requires the know-how of specialists.  PALLMANN offers specific know-how for continuous, trouble free recycling of trim waste as well as for film rolls, film packets, loose and tangled film sheets.

In order to maximize profit, both the choice of equipment and the total preparation concept are important.  A number of technical details have to be observed such as the design of the pneumatic conveying system, the separation of material and conveying air in special cyclones, the choice of the most appropriate feed roller system, and the choice of appropriate film silos for guaranteed trouble free storage and discharge of the film chips.

The size reduction of film is a tough application for knife mills.  The typical 24 hour operation and the high cutting forces required for film cutting call for optimized design of the knife mill with regard to high precision in manufacturing, mechanical stability, performance and ease of servicing.

Granulation of Film Waste

PALLMANN offers specific know-how for continuous, trouble-free, recycling of trim waste, film rolls, film packets, loose and tangled films and sheets.

The Ultra-Granulator, Type PS-F and the Granulator, type PST are used in-line or at central locations to cut film waste of all kinds. They are equipped with an in-feed roller system for feeding film scrap from the production line during start up. On the PS-F loose film scrap can be fed by hand or with a conveyor belt.

For the reduction of tangled film piles, film packages and stacked material, PALLMANN offers the Horizontal Knife Mill, Type PSRH.  The feed material is automatically fed into the rotor by means of a hydraulic intermittently moved live bottom. The chips produced are best suited as starting material for downstream processing steps such as the Plast-Agglomerator.

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Ultra-Granulator, Type PS-F Granulator, type PST Knife Mill, Type PSRH

Pulverizing of Film Waste

The ORIGINAL PALLMANN Precision Knife Mill, type PS allows the processing of film in form of rolls, edgings as well as other loose material. The pulverized powder is used for floor coverings and for the production of pressed sheets.

Specific advantages include:

  • Uniform en product with high bulk density

  • Good Flowability

  • Clean cut particles

  • Material gentle pulverization

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Agglomeration of Film Waste

When densification is required, PALLMANN offers the Plast-Agglomerator System, type PFV.

The Plast-Agglomerator is a compact, fully automatic, and a proven continuous system that converts thermoplastic waste into high quality, free flowing granules, which are later used as valuable raw material in further processes.

All thermoplastic materials such as PE, PP, PS, PA, PET, PVC, ABS, XPS, PLA and composite materials of any kind, in the form of bulky film, fiber, or foam waste, can be continuously recycled with the same system. 

This PALLMANN Agglomeration process offers the unique advantage of material gentle agglomeration with minimum heat and minimum thermo-degradable damage; the material is heated up with friction heat only and is agglomerated, within a fraction of a second, right below the melting point. Furthermore, underwater cooling is not necessary.

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