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Preparation of Minerals

Minerals are the upper classification of naturally existing base products. These can be size reduced, further processed or even changed in their compositions. Examples are limestone, bentonite, marble or graphite. These materials are, among others, used in the construction and chemical industry as well as in the foodstuff-, cosmetics- and pharmaceutical industry. They are used as additives, partially also as fillers and active ingredients with specific characteristics.


For the pre-cut, braking, de-lumping,  or crushing of lumpy materials, PALLMANN offers a wide variety of solutions including Crushers/Shredders, such as the Drum Shredder type PTR, for the size reduction of chemical base materials, salts, minerals and lumpy products at high throughput rates.

Pulverizing of Minerals

Especially in the pharmaceutical industry and in cosmetics, small particles are required that can neither be tasted nor felt. These finest particles can be produced with the Pin Mill, type PST, the Universal Mill, type PX, the ConoMill, Type PLK or the Turbo Mill, type REF. If the ground material is to be additionally dried or coated with stearic acid, the Turbofiners, type PLM are used. Size reduction and drying are possible in one step with this mill.

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Micronizing of Minerals

PALLMANN offers Air Classifier Mills suitable to pulverize and micronize a large variety of soft to medium hard materials.  Different grinding elements and air classifier wheels are available.  By properly setting the parameters, mainly rotor speeds and air volume, the performance of this machine is unmatched. According to the requirements of the applications, stainless steel 306 or 316 are used.  Surface treatment reaches from blasted to polished design.  Pressure shock resistant designs are available in PSR 3 and PSR 10.

Air Classification

PALLMANN offers the Air Classifier, type AC is suitable for cuts between 8 μm and 150 μm depending on the characteristics of the product to be processed, and capacities ranging from 100 kg/hr to 12,000 kg/hr. Depending on the application on hand, Turbo-Classifiers are available in stainless steel and pressure shock resistant design PSR3 or PSR10. Design and material construction of the classifier wheels are selected according to the application. Classifier wheels can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel or ceramic.  Coating with Wolfram carbide or Linotex rubber is available.

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Air Filtration

The PALLMANN Automatic Reverse Jet Filters, type RJF are employed for cleaning process gas from product particles. The design of the process filter is adapted to the requirements of the application. An  almost constant and low deferential pressure through the filter bags is ensured by sizing the filter correctly and by means of an automatic cleaning system which cleans only a fraction of the total filter area at the same time.  Filter bags made from polyester needle felt are standard. However, Teflon coating, meal filter cartridges or sintered lamella filter elements might be required to achieve the purity of the exhaust gas required.  A purity of the exhaust gas of 20 mg/m3 is standard, 1 mg/m3 can be achieved.

Powder Handling

In addition to our Size Reduction technology, PALLMANN offers Powder Handling technology including High Speed Mixers, Bulk Material Handling solutions, Industrial Fans, Hot Air Furnaces, Product Silos as well as Packaging solutions suitable for a wide range of applications. For additional information see Ultra Fine Powder Technology.


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