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Pioneer in Wood Preparation Techniques

The industrial standard of modern particle board production is set by production plants with a daily capacity of 2500 m/d.

Manufacturing process is dominated by continuous presses up to 48 m length of hot plate and fully automated process control. Such manufacturing cost and quality are controllable at a high degree not only to achieve best preconditions for the subsequent value added process.

Clean and efficient production as well as the necessity to use all raw material resources including recycled wood are a must due to the competitive pressure and availability of raw material.

In spite of many variations in supply and availability of raw materials the flakes and particles for particle board manufacturing need to be highly consistent in geometry and quality mix. PALLMANN supplies the single solution or the complete system based on the proven key components such as Drum Chipper, Knife Ring Flaker, Double Stream Mill and Hammer Mill.

Usually chipping with a drum chipper is the first step. PALLMANN chippers type PHT with a throughput up to 132 t/h b. d. are the base for flexible use of different geometries, wood species and origins
including recycled materials. The PALLMANN Flaker with its counter rotating ring assures best possible consistency of flake geometry and quality.

The Double Stream Mill PSKM for the generation of surface material and Hammer Mill type PHMS complement the range of key components. Together with the equipment and machines for processing of recycled wood PALLMANN offers a most complete and comprehensive range of size reduction machines for the particle board industry.


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