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Product Reference

Granulation of Pipes

Production waste, as well as rejected pipes, pipe bends, socket ends, etc., occurring during the manufacturing of plastic pipes, can be  economically size reduced, at low cost, with PALLMANN pipe crushers.

Depending on the diameter and length of the pipe waste, standard PALLMANN knife mills, type PS-K or special PALLMANN Pipe Crushers, type PS-R, for up to 6 meter long pipes are used. The material can be fed horizontally or via a feed chute, installed at ground level, with an integrated load-controlled pusher.

If the machine is installed in a basement or in a pit, feeding can be performed by means of a hydraulic tipping chute.  For these applications, PALLMANN Pipe Crushers Type PS-R are used. 

Both series stand out due to their robust design, easy accessibility and simple handling.  Material feeding is performed load-controlled by current consumption of the main motor.

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Granulation of Profiles

Production waste and cut-offs from the manufacturing and preparation of items such as windows, shutters, siding profiles, etc., are size reduced using PALLMANN Ultra Granulator™, series PSP.

The horizontally fed profiles are automatically drawn-in by means of the specially design rotor.  Short waste pieces can be fed either by conveyor or from the top.  Size of the granulated material is determined by the screen hole size.

An alternative for short waste pieces is the Knife Mill type PSRH, equipped with a hydraulic feeding system that pushes the bulk material towards the rotor.  The movement of the pusher is automatically controlled by the load of the main motor. Fine material gets discharged through the screen into a pneumatic discharge system. Bottom discharge onto a mechanical conveyor or into a bin is available.

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Pulverizing of Pipe and Profile Waste

Granulated production waste from PVC-pipe and profile manufacturing is pulverized, worldwide, with "ORIGINAL PALLMANN" Disc Mill, Type PKM, pulverizing systems.  These recycled powders are mixed with new PVC material and are reintroduced into the extrusion process.

The pulverizing systems are available with or without screening in order to meet the customers demands for fineness.

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