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Recycling of Valuable Materials

It is not only an ecological but also an economical precept to take good care of the existing, natural resources of the earth. Material and/or energy efficient waste materials have to be efficiently recycled. 100% use of valuable materials was already a PALLMANN company slogan long before the recycling topic was discussed in public.

Product recycling, i.e. correct recycling of industrial waste and reintroduction of such waste into the production cycle, is an important field for us, and this concerns mainly solutions for the in-house recycling of production waste as it occurs during the production of film, fiber, foam, bottles, profiles, pipes, containers and many other technical plastic products. For the necessary preparation of composite materials, waste paper, soft metals and carpet waste, we have developed new technologies that guarantee better material qualities and allow for improved application possibilities.

PALLMANN offers special know-how and complete problem solutions for the preparation of production waste from printed circuit boards, electronic waste, waste wood and leather waste. Recycling of feces from chicken farms into fertilizers or the processing of shrimp- and eggshells into powders, as fillers for the plastic industry are part of the
special fields of recycling. It is our constant goal to create an improved material quality and to thereby increase the application spectrum of valuable materials. PALLMANN technology achieves numerous valuable materials from waste and is thereby shrinking the trash dumps.

100% Utilization of Plastics

PALLMANN supplies cost effective production installations for recycling of valuable production and post-consumer waste matching precisely your individual requirements. PALLMANN manufactures large scale systems with a production capacity of more than 5 t/h for continuous three-shift operation as well as small installations with a capacity of 50 kg/hr for in-line recycling of production waste.

Recycling of Bottle Waste

PALLMANN offers specially developed knife mills for the preparation of plastic bottles.  Wear protection as well as robust and reliable construction of the machine is what matters.  Cutting geometry and long knife life is of utmost importance.  PALLMANN puts special emphasis on maintenance friendliness.

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Recycling of Extrusion Waste

Extrusion waste such as pipes, pipe bends, socket ends, cut-offs from the manufacturing and preparation of items such as windows, shutters, siding profiles, etc., can be  economically size reduced, at low cost, with PALLMANN pipe crushers and Ultra-Granulators.

For more information click on Pipe & Profile Extrusion Industry.

Recycling of Film Waste

Film recycling requires the know-how of specialists.  PALLMANN offers specific know-how for continuous, trouble free recycling of trim waste as well as for film rolls, film packets, loose and tangled film sheets.  Solutions include Granulation, Pulverizing and Agglomeration of Film Waste.

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Recycling of Foam Waste

PALLMANN supplies systems for the recycling of EPS, PE, XPS and PLA (Polylactic Acid) foam waste.  The knife mills developed by PALLMANN through practical application offer decisive advantages with their high throughput rate and economic performance during the recycling process. The Plast-Agglomerator produces agglomerate from the granule, by means of gentle agglomeration with frictional heat, without any major thermal stress.

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Recycling of Injection Molding Waste

The economical size reduction of in-line as well as off-line recycling of sprues and thin walled rejects from tough elastic to brittle plastics require special knife mills; compact design with a low feed height, reliable and quiet during continuous operation, quick and easy cleaning when changing products, reasonably priced and low operating costs.

For more information click on Injection Molding Industry.

Recycling Carpet & Floor Coverings

Waste is continuously generated from the production of carpet and flooring products, such as edge trims, tiles, sheets and skeletons.  The recycling installations developed by PALLMANN make it possible to effectively recover this waste, which may be size reduced, agglomerated, or even pulverized, thus transforming it into valuable material, which may be reintroduced into production, or converted into a wide range of valuable product applications.





For more information click on Carpet & Floor Coverings Industry.

Recycling of Fibers & Nonwovens Waste

PALLMANN supplies systems to recycle Nonwovens into high quality materials that may be reintroduced into production. PALLMANN offers well proven standard machines in different sizes for these applications.  Trough feed granulators as well as knife mills with material inlets for feeding via conveyor belts are used.  The PALLMANN cutting technology prevents fibers from wrapping around the rotor. The PALLMANN Agglomeration process offers the unique advantage of material gentle agglomeration with minimum heat and minimum thermo-degradable damage therefore preventing any yellowing of the agglomerate.

For more information click on Nonwovens industry.

Recycling of Thermoforming Waste

During the manufacturing of thermoformed packaging materials, skeletons occur continuously that are size reduced directly inline using PALLMANN Ultra-Granulators™ series T. The start up film waste and /or skeletons are fed directly into the Ultra-Granulator™ via a draw-in device whereby and upstream reversing systems transforms the advance cycle of the thermoforming-line into a continuous feeding of the Ultra-Granulator™.

For more information click on Thermoforming Industry.

Recycling of Rubber Waste

PALLMANN supplies systems for the effective recycling of rubber products, including granulators, pulverizers and agglomeration systems.  Specialized machines and systems are also available for the recycling of tires, cable coatings and insulation, rubber profiles as well as all kinds of technical rubber products.

For more information click on Rubber Industry.


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