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Economical size reduction of natural and synthetic rubber of any kind


Product Reference

Preparation of Rubber

Rubber is used in various industrial branches for the production of many technical products, comodity and consumer goods.  The following are the main applications:

  • Tires

  • Rubber hoses

  • Cable coatings

  • Cable insulation

  • Vapor barriers

  • Construction sealants

  • Rubber Profiles

  • Cellular / sponge rubber

  • shoe soles

  • Technical rubber products

  • Carpets

  • Conveyor belts

  • Glues

  • Asphalt and bitumen mixtures

  • Compounds

Rubber is offered in various shapes and sizes; i.e. bales, sheets, fibers, chips or crumbs; however, bales being the most common.

For almost any type of processing it is necessary that the bales are size reduced into granules or powder.  The result is a shorter dissolving and mixing time as well as energy saving kneading time.  Due to the improved flowability, the rubber material can be easily conveyed and fed into an automatic weight dosing system, thus achieving continuous manufacturing processes.

Granulation of Rubber

For the economical size reduction of natural and synthetic rubber of any kind, in form of bales, sheets or chips, vulcanized or un-vulcanized, with or without textile reinforcement, PALLMANN offers Ultra-Granulators™, series PS-C.

PALLMANN has designed special guillotine rotors, in open design, without a traversing shaft and with a high momentum flywheel. This design allows a low friction and therefore temperature gentle size reduction.  In addition, a patented infeed chute  with shuttle flaps guarantees a guided material feeding and a dosed material intake.

Standard one, two or three step size reduction systems can be offered.  We specialize in custom designed complete production lines.

For additional information on preparation of rubber see Granulation of Rubber with the Ultra-Granulators™, series PS-C.

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Pulverizing of Rubber

For the production of compounds for cable manufacturing, seals and other elastic parts as well as for bitumen and asphalt production, rubber powders in a wide variety of particle sizes are required.  PALLMANN offers various grinding machines and systems in order to achieve the necessary material qualities and end finenesses.

Disc mills, type PKM and Turbo Mills , type PP are used.  Turbofiners®, type PLM, Pin Mills, type PPST and Cryogenic Grinding Systems are used for special applications.

Granule shaped feed material is fed into the mill  by means of suitable metering systems.  A vacuum system, optimally suited for this application, draws the material to be ground away from the mill.  Different types of screening systems are used to achieve the desired powder qualities.

Screened coarse material is reintroduced into the mill in a closed loop, finished product is weighed into bags, in accordance with the customers' requirements, filled into containers or directly transported into the production process.

Standard systems for installation on the production floor are available.  Individual set-up even in multy-level buildings is possible, depending on the local conditions.

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Agglomeration of Rubber

The Plast-Agglomerator type PFV is a compact, fully automatic, and a proven continuous system that converts light bulk density thermoplastic waste,  such as fibers, into high quality, free flowing granules, which are later used as valuable raw material in further processes.

The PALLMANN Agglomeration process offers the unique advantage of material gentle agglomeration with minimum heat and minimum thermo-degradable damage therefore preventing any yellowing of the agglomerate.; the material is heated up with friction heat only and is agglomerated, within a fraction of a second, right below the melting point.  Viscosity is insignificantly reduced.

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