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Pioneer in Wood Preparation Techniques

PALLMANN is a major machine manufacturer with worldwide capabilities, specializing in size reduction and preparation techniques.  For the Wood Industry, PALLMANN offers versatile systems for the coarse, fine, and finest preparation of any kind of feed material.

100% Utilization of Wood

It is most important for the particleboard industry to choose the most important preparation system.

The first and one of the most essential steps is the utilization of industrial waste wood and low priced wood assortments.

PALLAMANN has developed special size reduction machines and systems for the preparation of first quality flakes for the production of your particleboard.

From light round wood billets, faggot wood, branch timber, slabs, edgings, end pieces, mill ends, split wood, biomass, peeler shavings, planer shavings, and sawmill flakes, veneer waste, plywood waste, annual plants, etc.

100% utilization of Wood -The PALLMANN idea that will give you profitable results.

Custom-made Flakes with Special Size Reduction Systems

Each individual material requires a special size reduction technique in order to produce a constant high quality. The size reduction technique depends on:

  1. Shape and size of the feed material

  2. Kind of wood 3. Moisture content

  3. Degree of size reduction (coarse, medium, fine, finest preparation)

PALLMANN has the most economical solution for each requirement combined with first class quality.

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Wood Preparation Techniques


Drum Chipper, type PHT

The Drum Chipper PHT is utilized for the preparation of saw mill waste, round wood, peeler coarse, veneer waste, wood from forest thinnings and annual plants for the further processing in the particle board, the paper and the fiber board industry, for the wood combustion and wood gasification.

A feed roller system leads the material against a drum rotor equipped with knives.  The length of the chips depends on the draw-in feed, the number of knives, the speed of the rotor and the size of the screen.

Disc Chipper, type PHS

For the preparation of round wood into quality chips for the paper and pulp industry.  Designed with oblique disc for the preparation of saw mill waste and wood from forest thinnings.

The infeed material is fed to the disc in a given angle realizing an oblique shearing of high quality chips


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Size Reduction

Re-Chipper, type PSN

The PSN Re-Chipper us used for the re-chipping of butt ends, gang saw waste, veneer plywood and particle board waste, screen rejects, shavings, splinters, etc.

The rotor equipped with knives reduces the material against a stator knife fastened in the machine housing.  The particle size of the discharged material si determined by the perforation of the grid.

Bark Shredder, type PMR

The bark Shredder, type PMR is utilized for the preparation of even very humid bark into coarse to fine material for the production of compost and energy.

The material is fed to the vertical rotor and reduced between the hammers and a stationary grinding ring.  The final particle size depends on the number of hammers resp. on the shape if the stator knives built into the grinding ring.  Material discharge to below.  No danger of obstruction even in case of extreme humidity.

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Impact Hammer Mill, PHPHImpact Hammer Mill, type PHPH „Grizzly“

The Impact Hammer Mill, type PHPH was especially designed for the reduction of recycling wood of all kind as for instance pallets, crates, boxes, wood scrap, wood residues, bushes, branches, industrial wood waste etc. The „Grizzly“ produces valuable raw material for the board industry or for boiler fuel.

A vibro-feeder or an apron conveyor moves the in-feed material towards the machine mouth. Bulky feed material is hydraulically, continuously guided towards the rotor where it will be shredded in different steps. In the rotor the material is pre-broken by impact. The material discharge goes downward through a heavy screen.

Drum Shredder, type PSRH

The Drum Shredder, type PSRH is utilized for the size reduction of wood waste, rejected boards, pallets, packaging materials, etc. For combustion purposes, for briquetting or reuse in the original process.

At the bottom of the amply dimensioned feeding and storage bin, the material is pressed towards the rotor by means of a hydraulically actuated pusher.  Depending on the requirements, the rotor is equipped with shredder hooks, hammers, knives or shearing tools.  Irregular feeding and automatic operation are possible thanks to the design of the storage bin with integrated sliding bottom.

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Drum Shredder, type PTR

The Drum Shredder PTR is used for the coarse preparation of bark, short wood, waste boxes and other wood waste also with foreign particles.

A sturdy rotor equipped with straight exchangeable and wear resistant cams crushes the material against the adjustable anvils.  The final particle size is determined by a built-in heavy duty screen.

Drum Shredder, type PTRS

The Drum Shredder PTRS is utilized for the coarse preparation of mill ends, board and veneer, waste pallets, boxes, paper, crates, etc. for reuse in the production process or as boiler fuel.

A sturdy rotor provided with strong cams does the shredding against a comb-shaped counter-knife.  The perforation of the built-in grid determines the final particle size.

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Bale Breaker PBR

Utilized for the opening-up of bales of bagasse, annual plants, purchased flakes and similar material into transportable material.

A plate conveyor feeds the bales horizontally to a rotor equipped with cams.  The cams are protected against wear and mill off the bales.



Hammer Mill PHM

Preparation of flat flakes, annual plants, screen-overs, resp. coarse flakes from sifters, larger pieces of waste wood and chips for different further processing.

The pendulum-type hammers of the rotor reduce then material on the anvils and the serrated grinding elements.  The final particle size is determined by the built-in heavy duty screen.  For the preparation of scrap and demolition wood, the machine is designed with adjustable refining elements and very heavy hammers.


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Horizontal Hammer Mill PHM-H

Preparation of waste from building timber, demolition wood and all kinds of used timber, pellets, cross-ties and waste wood with foreign particles to a final product resembling to chips.

A horizontal infeed roller system leads the material to the pendular hammer of the rotor which reduce it.  A special wear protection of the hammers and very sturdy screen and grinding ring make the machine relatively insensitive to a foreign matter.  Additional openings at the ends of the screen resp. ejection flaps facilitate the evacuation of oversize foreign matter.


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Paper Crusher PHP

Preparation of waste paper either loose or bundled, for data protection, for subsequent press compaction or as preliminary step before pulping or defiberization.

A generously sized infeed portion of the crusher is designed for pre-crushing and opening up of the feedstock.  The subsequent final size reduction is effected  by several stepped rows of toothed cams.  A comb-shaped ledge ensures uniformity of the material.  The final particle size of the finished product is determined by the perforation of the build-in grid.


Disc Refiner PR

Defibration and size reduction of purchased flakes, chips, coarse material and prepared annual plants even in case of higher humidity into flakes for surface layer.

The infeed material is reduced between a rotating and a stationary refining disc.  The degree of size reduction can be determined by adjusting the gap width.


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Wing Beater Mill PSKWing Beater Mill, type PSK

The Wing Beater Mill, type PSK has been specifically developed for the production of knot-free fibers from waste paper chips. The quality paper fibers are then used as reinforcement fibers for mineral bonded board products. Adequately equipped, these wing beater mills can also be used for fiber preparation from annual plants.

The pre-shredded feed material is sucked via the gravity separator feed chute into the center of the grinding chamber. Magnet cascades mounted in front of the feed chute separate ferrous contaminants from the feed stock. Size reduction is effected between the fast rotating impeller wear plates, the stationary screen ring segments and the stationary refining elements integrated into the screen ring. The screen opening determines the finished product size. Material discharge is done pneumatically.


Double Stram Mill PSKM

With the PALLMANN double stream mill the feed material is reduced through a new, pioneering principle. The fan effect of a multiple wing impeller pulls the feed material centrally into the grinding chamber passing through a special feed chute designed as a gravity separator for heavy material. An especially designed material guiding cone distributes the material evenly on the periphery and the entire width of the grinding track. The impeller, rotating at high speed, produces high air turbulence between the impeller wear plates and the serrated profile of the grinding track.

The double stream guides the feed material through this intensive turbulence in axial direction or in the cross stream depending on the profile used on the grinding track. The material is reduced in high velocity air stream by repeated impact onto the impeller wear plates and the grinding track profile. Through the air guide and within the flow channels of the grinding track a cross-stream sifting is achieved. Discharging of finished product takes place only after the dragging force of air exceeds the kinetic rebound energy applied to the particles. In the area of this actual flow the percentage of mechanical friction is extremely small resulting in an extended service life of impeller wear plates and refining elements.

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Separation of Pith

Depither PMS

Preparation of bagasse and similar annual plants with simultaneous separation of pith and fibers.

A distributing device feeds the material to a vertically arranged rotor.  The rotor of special design prepares and reduces the fibers and at the same time the fine material is led through the holes of the vertically arranged screen.  The pith and the finished product have separate discharge openings at the bottom.



Knife Ring Flaker PZKR

For the production of high quality flat flakes from chips, veneer waste, purchased flakes and coarse material of any kind. This means that low priced wood assortments can be used with the knife ring flaker!

A quick rotating impeller leads the chips to the knives of the counter-rotating knife ring. This worldwide proven principle of counter-rotation from the impeller and the knife ring guarantees a trouble- and obstruction-free operation of the machine even in case of very wet material, a uniform wear of all exchangeable wear parts and therewith an excellent flake quality.


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Feeding Device for PZKR

Continuous feeding of the machine with simultaneous separation of fines, ferric foreign matter and stones,  thereby constant current consumption and considerably reduced wear.

The infeed material is fed in the vibratory trough by a feeding screw, a belt conveyor, a troughed chain conveyor or similar equipment.  The excenter drive mostly compensated the feeding fluctuations.  Fine particles and sand contained in the material are separated by the magnetic drum.  The other heavy foreign matter contained in the material is separated through the screening zone.  Ferric foreign matter is separated by the magnetic drum.  The other heavy foreign matter and stones are separated in the gravity sifter "Protector" and discharged to below.


High Speed Hammer Mill, type PHMSHigh Speed Hammer Mill PHMS

The High Speed Hammer Mill PHMS, is utilized for the economical production of core layer and surface layer material for the board production from waste wood chips, core waste wood particles and annual plants whether dry or wet. Also suitable for bricketting and combustion.

The feed material is introduced vertically from above. The patented gravity separator "Cleanomat" separates heavy contaminants from the infeed material. Flat steel beaters rotating with high speed split the feed material mostly parallel to the grain. The opening of the installed screens determines the finished product size. Stationary refining elements integrated into the mill assist the size reduction. The finished product discharge can be effected pneumatically or mechanically with an additional secondary aspiration.

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Knifering Universal Flaker PZU

Long Log Flaker, type PZUThe PALLMANN ring flaker is capable of cutting fixed length logs as well as random length logs with precise accuracy into strands to a specific length, width and thickness. The long log flaker is the ideal machine for flake preparation for Wafer board, Oriented Strand Board, Particleboard, cement-bonded panels and reconstituted lumber.

The logs are transported into the flaking chamber with an integrated water injection system by means of a batch feeder. Horizontally placed swords hold the logs in position during the cutting stroke. A closing gate hydraulically side clamps the log bundle at the flaking chamber and closes the flaking chamber during the last cutting stroke. The wood is split along the grain. This cutting action results in rectangular flakes with smooth surfaces and a minimum of fines.

Knife Shaft Flaker PMW

Continuous flaking of wood cut to length and billet wood into high quality material for surface and core layers in one phase of operation.

The wood cut to length is fed to the machine horizontally. The feed chains located in the oblique feeding cute clamp the wood and bring it  to the knife shaft at constant speed.  The thickness of the flakes is determined by the number of knives, the shaft and infeed speed and by the setting of the knives.  The flake length is determined by the well proven combiblades system which  are also available for the production of strands and wafers.

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Universal Flaker PU

Discontinuous flaking of long wood, slabs and trimmings into material for surface or core layer.

A plate conveyor with  an integrated cleaning zone feeds the material at regular intervals into the flaking chamber.  The unique wood clamping consisting of 5 individual systems (the base plate, the slide, the heavy pressure bars, the pivoting swords and the pressure flaps) provides an optimum clamping of the wood during the flaking.  The knife shaft moves towards the clamped wood and produces , depending on the used cutting system, high quality flat flakes having the required thickness and length.


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